The Spots: where to skate in Rome


Few friends from outside Italy asked me about skate in Rome, Italy. In the last 2 years we have been documenting in the Italian Capital the “World Skate day”. This time we want to show you the favourite spots of the local skateboarders.

The first one is the Cinetown Skatepark, not far from the “Cinecittà” or “Anagnina” Metro Stop. Cinecittà is well known as the area where the italian film industry has been producing his movies. In this area there are also the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”, that’s one of the most important school in Europe for Videomakers, Editors, Set Designers and so on. Not far also there is the “Tor Vergata University”. Positive Magazine friends Daniele, Fabio, Valerio and Matteo shown us the area, that’s a great place for skateboarding.

The second spot, “The Bunker” is also pretty cool but is a bit more difficult to reach if you don’t have a car. Is pretty close to Petroselli Park, and has got different facilites to skate but also we heard that the burgers are really tasty. We have been there last saturday at the “Blame Day”, The best tricks during the day have been awarded with gadgets, shirts, boards and so on, sponsored by VANS. The scene is pretty relaxed and the crowd frendly. If you are in Rome and you love to skate, this might be the right spot for you.


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