Positive Magazine has a lot of friends around Rome. We have been few times here to document the skaters life around the city, in particular in the past when they organized the WorldSkateday, as it happens in the other cities around the globe the 21st of June. This time they took us to Acilia, just few kilometers outside the center of Rome. Acilia it’s on the way to Ostia, where usually the romans are going during the summer to have a break on beach. Ostia is also well-known as it’s the place where the italian director and writer Pierpaolo Pasolini was found dead.

Our friends Fabio, Daniele and Valerio have been also skating using the Crashbaggage luggage, jumping on top of it. These bags are just perfect, they never break, that’s why we like to support this product, and they like to support our philosophy to tell stories around the world.



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