International Women's Day isn't about flowers, sweets, nights out and male strippers. It's about women's rights, independence, equality and great women. Words by Carmen Mc Intosh and Francesca Vanin (blue text)

Picfair is the revolutionary new image library and it is seeking a new generation of female photographers to share their perspectives on the world.

A portrait study of Moroccan teenage boys: looking at gender politics and street style in Marrakech, Essaouira, Taghazout & Mirleft. Set against the social and architectural fabric of the cities and beyond.

There are approximately 34 million widows in India at this time. In the classical, brahmanical view, they are physically alive but socially dead. They were expected to die before their husbands or along with them. Their status puts them on the fringe of society.   Most of them experience deprivations and discriminations on a daily […]

The history of women in Morocco encases the realities daughters of female participation and inclusion in social and economic processes, supported by the young King Mohammed VI policy. Independent since 1956, Morocco has been a land of strong internal changes expressed mainly in so- called “Arabian Springs” of 2011. Although gender equality is still far, […]

The italian photographer Paolo Simi, based in Milan, shot for us in the past some portraits of the boys in Milan during the last fashion week. Now we present a new series of portraits of these beautiful models in town for the fashion week that it took place in Milan in February. Photography: Paolo Simi […]

I travelled to Vietnam recently thinking I was just going to photograph casually while backpacking, but instead I was magnetised by Vietnam’s cities and majestic world heritage sites, and the people (the women in particular) that call them home. Hanoi is where we begin. It is feverish; it is teeming, and it is New Year’s […]

Photography by: Alessandro Petriello This is a story about daily life that takes place within domestic walls, a story of sacrifice, pain, hardship, but also about love.  My grandmother was confined to her bed for many years due to a lengthy illness, and over the course of those years my mother was often next to […]

Morgane Lefevre was born in 1986. In 2004 she entered a French Art school where she discovered Photography. After that the passion of Photography has never left her. She spend all her time travelling to explore the world and Human’s heart. Human life, Human thought, Human feelings, this is what interested her. She tries to […]

According to the United Nations, in Asia, the gender difference between men e women is very. In India, the second most populated country in the world, this phenomenon has a big dimension.