Thanks for your example. Not my president.

“Not my president”. This is the expression of anger we heard from 9th November along the streets. “I didn’t sleep tonight in order to follow the election’s scrutiny, it was about 2am when the news arrived. Since that moment I wasn’t able anymore to not to think on my venezuelan parents who have been living here in the States for a long time, but without a proper citizenship.

I didn’t eat, I Wasn’t able to: my stomach was in knots thinking on all the sacrifices that they made in oder to let me study in Harvard. And now what will happen? I didn’t have breakfast, I took the underground and came here in the street, with you all, and with who knows how many people in the same situation.”

A large percentage of the population that from the morning of the 9th November felt hated by his own country. Fear. Hate, non mutual. What will happen? We are a nation made up of immigrants. Screaming, singing, meeting up. Thinking that 4 years government could be as fast and painless as eternal and corrosive. “We can’t change things, Trump is the president elected. We can however be sure that law will be respected, be part of what is referred to us and to who we care about. We know the law, we study history.” -Say students in Harvard. Being respectful each other, keeping solid our values and the values our parents and our presidents teached us, remaining together are the paradigms to maintain the community strong.

Infuse our children the values that defined in our growth who we are: if a wall will be built, they will pay for it. “If you build a wall we will tear it down”. Don’t let the hate come into our houses, don’t let ideologies influence our thoughts. “We refuse to accept a Fascist America”. Keep the community together, be respectful to who don’t respect us, show them love if necessary, “ Love Trumps Hate”. Four years can pass over, but we have to be sure that we don’t change our mind. If we don’t let the ideologies change us, one day we will elect our president.

Adults but especially young people, the next adults in the coming 4 years. Students who see public education in danger non only in Harvard, but also in Suffolk University, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, MIT, and many others. Protect public education and the students. Protect families and maintain steady values for a better future.

Michelle, a mother, stands beside the crowd in front of the Massachusetts State House, looking at her daughter protesting with her friends. According to Michelle, Young people are the real example for adults. With their protests, their actions, they are learning from the past, bringing out the good and making it present in order to build up a better future.

As many others, also Michelle hangs her own sign, a differently small sign, but with huge meaning: “Thanks for your example”.

About the author
Pietro Rizzato was born in 1996. He lives and work in Italy as photographer. He learned photography when he was a child from his father, professional photographer too. Graduated in languages school, he started working in photography when he was 16, first with weddings than moving to events and falling in love with reportage. Currently employed as photo editor he is constantly looking for the chance to make reportage his main occupation. For him photography is the best tool to tell a story, from the reasons that shake the society up to a simple trip to Venice with his sister.

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