The Boy – The Girl: David Andrew – Irene Poch

The Boy: David Andrew

Where are you right now? I ask it because you are travelling a lot.
Right now I am currently in my hometown, however, I still got to travel to Miami for some time.

How did you discover that you had a career inside the fashion industry?
When I was younger I was walking through the mall near my house and I was approached by a modeling company, and after they asked if I wanted to be a model, that’s how my interest and desire of the fashion world. I promised after high school I would pursue it and when I finally got discovered, it was actually online. I was approached on several websites that I had my pictures posted on by modeling agencies. I eventually met and signed with an agency. My advice to aspiring models is never to give up and do your homework.


When you signed for your first agency?
I was signed the day after my high school graduation in June 2 years ago.

Which relationship did you have with the photographers that worked with you?
I had amazing relationships with the photographers I have worked with, some I still talk to and meet up with when I go to New York City. The sign of a great photographer is for them to be able to friend the model and make them feel comfortable. I am fortunate that I haven’t worked with anyone who was not nice.


I know that you take a break for a while and you stopped modeling: are you ready to start again?
Yes, I took a break to kind of find myself. I felt like there was this big stigma about being a model that people assumed that I was arrogant or stupid, I began not enjoying what I was doing because I felt nobody wanted to know me as a person but just the “model”. So, I went back to school and came to a realization that I missed modeling so much. I should never have let others control how I felt. Modeling was my form of expression. So yes, I am very ready to go back to modeling.

How much it’s important a good book when you go to be selected for a casting?
Your book is what gets you the job, it shows that you can work and transform into what the client wants. If you have a strong book, you will book many editorial jobs.

What do you think about Milan Fashion week? What’s the difference between it and the others fashion week you worked in the other countries?
Milan Fashion Week is very sensual and glamorous. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, DSQUARED, Versace, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli always have such glamour with sexiness in their garments…no matter the season. Paris is very couture and fantasy with sophistication, London is very young and hip. New York is classic and innovative, filled with younger designers who have fresh views. But if you want sexy and glamour, Milan is your city!


The Girl: Irene Poch

Can you tell us something about you?
I am a passionate and responsible woman who lives thanks to and for fashion. I not only work as a model, and I hope I will be able to do so for many years, but also I will study fashion design in University from next year on.


How did you start to be a model?
Some friends suggested me becoming a model, so I participated in a beauty contest. Soon after that, an agent of my city proposed me to work with him.


When did you sign for your first agency?
In 2006. I am still working with it, but only from time to time.


What does it mean for you fashion?
Fashion is my passion. It is a way of expressing ourselves that in many cases can become an art.


What do you think about Milan and the fashion week?
Milan is known as one of the important central points of the fashion industry. I personally think that is always interesting to observe the work of the “bigs” but I prefer to take inspiration from other fashion weeks and citys, like Berlin or Madrid.


Which relationship did you have with the photographers that worked with you?
I always try to mantain a good relationship with most of them. In fact, he first photographer I worked with is one of my best friends.


How much it’s important a good book when you go to be selected for a casting?
It’s important to show what you can do and how many facets you can assume, the book is the CV of a model. But the attitude and character can decide the success of the casting.

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