Strellson meets Bianchi – SS14

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Strellson, the creative Swiss fashion brand, straightens once more its partnership with Bianchi the historic Italian cycling-constructor leader. This time, the collaboration has produced a costum-made bicycle.
In the past collections the synergy between the two brands has already created a city racing bike with elegant and sexy shapes. But this time, the creature is a folding bike and the supply meets the needs of the driver.

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Strellson has developed for the so called “business bikers”, that in this era of environment consciousness are expected to grow up more and more (and why not? Bike is sexy!) a line of bi-stretch clothing with reflecting inserts that provide visibility drive also in the darkness. The windchater and the high-tech helmet are created in order to guarantee the best grade of drive-safety, the t shirts are obviously transpiring and hyrdro-repellent, in case of rain.

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All this, having a special consideration for fashion, the result is a trendy mix of business look and sporty outfit which perfectly reflects the spirit of the two brands.

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Photos: Petra Fantozzi
Text: Diletta Pilat

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