The Fairyland

Photos by Mehrdad Naraghi

Born in Iran in 1978, Mehrdad Naraghi Studied in Sharif University of Technology.
He exhibits regularly in Tehran and has taken part in many group exhibitions internationally, including Photo Quai (MusÈe du Quai Branly, Paris), 165 years of Iranian photography (MusÈe du Quai Branly, Paris) and That Shimmering beast (The Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai). In addition, his works have been published in magazines and books, including Different Sames: New perspectives in Iranian Contemporary Art , Connaissance des Arts (No21) and La photographie iranienne, (Un regard sur la crÈation contemporaine en Iran).

The Fairyland

The fairyland calls upon us,
Among the trees that stand still
Only to be viewed as symbols.
At a place where everything and anything is possible to be seen
A miracle raised from a dazzling light
Peeping through the amorphous leaves.
Inside a mysterious gloom where no decoding is expected

In this land,
In this fairyland
Far beyond the bitter logic of time,
Far beyond our unchosen land of birth,
Far beyond the past grieves and future anxieties,
Safe from the games that life ceaselessly plays upon us,
Every minute, every second
A reflection of our childhood stories
A return to them
No! Not the hapless ones
Not those that drown us in pain

We then gladly enter the gate of this fairyland.
If only our feet is not too glued to this earth.
We will then either be puzzled, gazing and waiting for a magic that has long been expected
Or sleep in the meadows
A step toward eternal peace,
An eternal rest.

Mehrdad Naraghi

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