The Mindful Traveller by windsor.

If we imagine street-style fashion photography today, we can very easily think of it as a triumvirate. Of course there are a lot of talented people who are starting to  make quite a name in the industry, but Tommy Ton, Scott Schumann and Adam Katz-Sinding surely stand out for their own aesthetics.


The good news is that windsor.,  legendary world-class brand, teamed up with Rimowa for a special collection called “Mindful Traveller” and to showcase it at its best they chose Adam Katz-Sinding in person, giving us the chance to take a peek at his Milan Fashion Week experience.


Mindful Traveller is all about travelling in style, from  very carefully-tailored suits to luxury suitcases – all that a modern gentleman could possibly need for a trip – business or pleasure as it may be.


The complete set consists of a Rimowa suitcase and a windsor.`s signature suit –both of which can be seen in action in the pictures below with Adam Katz- Sinding, who surely put them to good use being always on the move.

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