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On the 5th November London has been the stage for the Million Mask March, promoted by the Anonymous activist group. While the main part of the protest had been peaceful, 10 people had been arrested.

Anonymous is a hackvist group which activities generally include the publication of confidential information through cyber attacks on websites and web portals ; but also protest activities carried out in public, in which they wear the mask used in the movie “V for Vendetta” of Guy Fawkes, best-known member of the conspiracy of the dust, who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in London November 5, 1605.

The meeting point for the march was Trafalgar Square at 6 pm. The square was full of people and police, regularly spreading an audio warning, to invite the protesters to keep calm and behave civilly.

PC Lincoln said “ Basically what we do is talking with the protester, find out what’s going out with them and also making sure that everything goes peacefully, because everyone wants a peaceful protest”

A young londoner student of politics said “ we’re here to demonstrate against the Western democracies based on fictitious financial and against the dictatorship of the banks” adding that one of the strength of the group is “ collecting people from all over the world and from every social extraction”

Protester, united under the claim “these streets – our street” manifest against different issues including anti-capitalism, anti-war and pro-Palestine movements.

There was also a group holding a banner stating “free Assange- don’t shoot the messenger”.“ They are prosecuting him for raping, but it’s just a coverage for political strategies. He released private and secret documents that revealed war crimes; that’s the real reason why they charged him” said one of the protester adding “we support Assange because we want neutral internet and we believe in the freedom of thought and expression”

Overall the march had been pacific, beside some episode in which some militants had let off fireworks and throw firecrackers against the police on riot gear deployed in front of the Victoria Memorial. The charges against people arrested are assault on police offers, fireworks offences and attempted grievous bodily harm.
















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