The Playground of Creativity

Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Where: Kanagawa, Japan

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Pixi Hall

The design and architecture firm Moriyuki Ochiai Architects has developed the project Pixi Hall, which is a playground, studied in detail, for the kindergarten of Kanagawa in Japan. The school is specialized in arts education. The intervention, therefore, is primarily aimed to develop imagination, expression, communication and creativity of both children and their parents.

Pixi Hall

The space is very large and the structure of the playground is like a great mountain, made with triangulated elements with rounded corners, which children can move and rearrange at will. The area is characterized by a wide versatility and practicality. Indeed, it is possible to transform it according to the needs, adapting it for plays, concerts, dances, exhibitions and, of course, leisure.

Pixi Hall

The fields of colour in matte and glossy enrich the playground, made ​​up predominantly with primary and natural colours, almost recreating the works of Mondrian and Kandinsky.

Pixi Hall

The key point that makes this project be appreciated by children as well as adults is the fact that the designers have given a lot of importance to the different scales of perception: the difference in height brings in a different way to enjoy this space, helping communication and the relationship between parents, children, their families and other members of the community.

Pixi Hall


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She graduated in 2012 at the University IUAV of Venice, Master in Building Technology, with a thesis on new media façades. Trainee at the studio TAMassociati (Venice) and Laboratorio2729 (Venice), she participated in two study-tours to New York, Holland and Germany.

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