The Rivers of Eden

Photography by Jennifer Garza-Cuen

Located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Eden appears a quiet community where dairy farmers, mill workers and craftsmen gather at the general stores, dinners are served in old wooden churches and dances are held at the local Grange Hall.

The rivers of Eden all spring from Eden and the views are as ravishing as the garden from which it takes its name. But it is also a hard and rugged place, where resourceful and independent inhabitants still labor stoically, as their ancestors before them.

Jennifer Garza-Cuen was born in America’s Pacific Northwest. She received her BA from the American University in Cairo, and her MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. During both years of her attendance at RISD, she received the RISD GS competitive grant. She was also awarded the Daniel Clarke Johnson, the Henry Wolf, and the Patricia Smith Scholarships. Additionally, she has received fellowships to attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Oxbow and Brush Creek.

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