To be all ways to be. The Netherlands

herman de vries is representing The Netherlands at the 56th International Art Exhibition. The title of the exhibition to be all ways to be, expresses the idea that the experience of and reflection on human existence takes many divergent paths, none of which is superior or inferior to the other. Experienced through the eye, ear, body and nose, the works within the pavilion, the Giardini and at different locations within the Venetian Lagoon, will question existing definitions and positions with regard to nature and culture.

As part of to be all ways to be herman de vries has explored the physical and natural surroundings of the city of Venice, the Giardini and the Lagoon. With his Giornale di Venezia he will bring this context into the Dutch pavilion. He also invites the art public to take notice of the habitat: special boat trips will bring people to de vries’s sanctuarium: natura mater at the Lazzaretto Vecchio, an uninhabited, historically important island south of the City.

herman de vries (b. 1931) lives and works in Eschenau (Germany). Having previously been actively involved in the exhibitions and publications of the international ZERO movement, he has since then developed a unique body of work in which art, science and philosophy are juxtaposed with the reality of the world.

The Netherlands
to be all ways to be

9 May – 22 November, 2015
Pavilion at Giardini
Artist: herman de vries
Curators: Colin Huizing and Cees de Boer

Image credits:
herman de vries, vaccinium (collected hirschdelle), 2011 Leaves on paper, 41 x 63 cm
Photo: herman de vries archive

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