Culpable Earth – by Steven Claydon

Culpable Earth, first solo exhibition in the UK by Steven Claydon. Steven Claydon is an artist known for his interest in the so called ‘passage of materials’.

Written by Matilde Casaglia Art Editor

Artworks by: Steven Claydon

Exhibition date: 4 February – 7 May

Steven Claydon is an artist known for his interest in the so called ‘passage of materials’. He aims to reproduce the idea of hybrid in objects, their oscillation between the past and the future.

He graduated at Chelsea School of Art & Design and Central St Martins School of Art & Design in London, where he still lives.

Culpable Earth is held in the public gallery of contemporary visual art firstsite in Colchester.

This exhibition is his first solo in the UK, and it features sculptures, paintings, print and videos.

The artist focuses on the process in which raw matter starts becoming artwork. This exhibition has an expressive title, that highlights the ‘culpability’ hidden in every object. He is representing the relation between the object and the time, something that is true and material and something that is fragmented and “untouchable”.

There is a reminiscence of classical history and a recall of old museums’ style in his artworks. The portraits and busts, the vessels and pots are mixing different cultures and point of views. Some new electronic equipment are combined with ancient technologies, while some digital installations presents traditional craft skills.

The sense of transformation is shown by primary colours and cubes. While exploring the process that goes from base matter to the artefact, Claydon uses atomic models and pixels to recall the point where “it all begins”.

Previously the artist saw his work held at at Salle de Bains, Lyon (2011); Haus der Kunst, Munich (2010) and White Columns, New York (2006).

During the exhibition Claydon will launch a new publication. His last book features illustrations and unpublished texts. It also reveal an exclusive interview between the artist and the artistic director of Tate St Ives, Martin Clark.

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society infographic posters.




Photos by Toshio Onda, Styling by Masaki Kataoka

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