Last month in the US took place a crazy event called “Tomorrowworld“. And when we say crazy, it’s really like that. Thanks to Benjamin Benedek, we are able to show you some photos he took, sharing with us his experience. Benjamin is an international model from Austria and now based in the States.

Photo: Benjamin Benedek
All Photos: Benjamin Benedek

Hello Benjamin, can you  tell us what’s TomorrowWorld?
We are speaking about one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world!

When have you been there? How was your experience?
The festival took place between the 25th and the 27th of september in Atlanta. This year was my first time and it was the greatest weekend in my life.


Can you describe the environment of TomorrowWorld?
The environment is unbelievable, it’s really a different world. The production is massive, it’s on a huge area, if you want to walk through all the festival area you need for sure at least 30 minutes. The people there are completely different, peaceful, happy, having a lot of fun, seams like they forget what they are, what their job is and just enjoying this great weekend.

What was the main reason for you to go there?
I always wanted to go to tomorrowland because I’m a big edm fan, but never got a ticket. This year I got an invation from TomorrowWorld through my agency in NY to join their great festival. Tomorrowworld is almost the same as tomorrowland and I was in NY at the moment, not so far away from Atlanta. I wrote to my agent, cancel all jobs on that weekend.. and i was ready for Tomorroworld!


Did you see any crazy things you can tell us about ?
Well.. so many! Really. But the craziest one for me was the main stage because it was so complex and huge, unbelievable what people can create…

Are you thinking about going there also to the next edition?
Don’t even ask! I’m ready to go back next year, but also i would love to join Tomorrowland (the twin event that take place in Belgium).

Next edition of Tomorrowland: SÃo Paulo, Brazil 21 – 22 – 23 April 2016.
Belgium & US dates not announced yet. 

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