Look inside


By Kenia Cris

Cover image by Barbara Salerno

Poetry by Paul Smith

Distraction, stress, anger and anxiety are some of the problems of modern life which will prevent us from experiencing the world directly and fully and witnessing daily small miracles.

The best contemplation practices seem to come all from the Eastern world, centuries of wisdom compiled in lessons of calmness designed to teach the fast-paced people the importance of a peaceful look over life, nature and the universe. Writing, sitting and looking at things with undisturbed mind will produce genuinely precious insight.

Mali Losinj, Croatia – Florian Buetow

Zazen is sitting and letting go of any words, ideas images and thoughts crossing your mind. Practitioners perform it to calm the body and the mind and they experience deep perception of the nature of existence. A moment of zazen is a moment of Buddha.

Verona, Italy – Christian Facchini

Miksang, or ‘contemplative’ photography’ is aimed at uncovering the truth of pure perception. Miksang photos will not be altered by any means, they’ll be totally honest and show the observer the exact expression of the image captured.

London, England – Andy McManis

Popular and widespread forms of Japanese poetry, Haiku valorizes nature, colors and seasons; senryu has human nature as main subject, tanka will explore personal rather than public themes and gogyohka will travel freely and speak of anything that pleases its author.

Texas, USA – Jacob Lorfing

Ohio, USA – Ronald Davidson

Wisconsin, USA – Mark A. Sweet

Notre Dame, Paris – Barbara Salerno

Texas, USA – Guy Reynolds

Minas Gerais, Brasil – my personal attempt at Miksang

with no hint
of sadness
the silence
of this day
is blue

I watch him skip
ahead of me
on the path
the little boy
I used to be

this day
asked nothing
of me
but a willingness
to let go

some days
i just don’t care –
this life
a drop of dew
about to fall

a red leaf falling
than a thousand drums

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