Vacated Space Exports by Clara Aranovich

Photos by Clara Aranovich

“A Vacated Space” is a collection of frames whose potentials are greater than their emptiness—the air of someone recently having sat in a chair or the sense the walls are speaking to one another. The photos were taken in Los Angeles, CA; Santiago, Chile; London, England; Oxford, England; Santa Monica, CA; and New Orleans, LA.

Clara Aranovich is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised near San Francisco by an Argentine physicist and a Chilean market researcher. Clara recently obtained an MFA in Film Production from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, prior to which she studied Literature/Creative Writing and Theater at Dartmouth College. Clara has been photographing since a very young age and augmented her knowledge base by studying cinematography while in film school, where she received two awards for excellence in the field. Her writing has also been recognized in many arenas, both fiction and screenplays.

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