Ficción is an exploration of replicas and simulations.
Lately I’ve been interested in the way societies build places that are meant to fulfill the desires and aspirations of the population, and how these are so carefully created in order to recreate the experiences we may have at the original place, the first chapter of this series is set in Berlin.
When I was told about Tropical Islands I was confused at the fact that people would pay to go to a fake beach with an eternal blue sky and claustrophobic flamingoes rather than swimming in one of the many beautiful lakes near the city for free, after spending a day there I came to a conclusion as old as time: nobody is ever happy with what they’ve got.

Built in a former hangar, Tropical Islands is a tropical themed water park near Berlin, it has two beaches, several restaurants, waterslides and flamingoes, everything anyone could need to feel the beach in the middle of Europe, without leaving the continent.

Paulina Figueroa (1991) lives and works in Mexico City, at age 6 she stole her mother’s camera and never looked back. She has had the opportunity to spend time in London, Paris and Berlin focusing on photography and developing different projects, that go from conceptual and documentary photography to collage. Her work derives mainly from her obsession to look and wonder about people and their behavior.

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