Wesley Meuris – Casino Luxembourg

The Casino Luxembourg, Forum D’art Contemporain, is hosting the first big solo exhibition of the Belgian artist Wesley Meuris. Focusing on environments such as archives or enclosures for animals which are usually in zoos, the artist aims to show the rationality hidden behind the construction of those museographical spaces.
Drawing, sculptures and installations make the consistence of the show, orienting the movements of the visitor with a controversial attitude: to bring the attention of the viewer on the sourroundings more than on the objects themselves.

The main purpose of the artist is to enlighten something that is, routinely, given as too predictable to be noticed. Considering that the word museography means literally “all the technical notions required for the presentation and correct conservation of artworks in museums.” (Larousse), it is easy to understand what Meuris is representing in his works.
The space is bare of content and from room to room, there is a succession of display cases and empty plinths in order to bring a stoical, fearless aesthetic. The title of the exhibition, which is presented in the form of a code – R-05.Q-IP.0001, is a logical exposition of a standardized system.

The spectacle of the museum institution is considered by the artist from different point of views. It is not reducible to its economical role of public entertainment, measured in terms of attendance; it must be recognized also in its surrounding functions such as being the communication which leads to knowledge.

The exhibition will last until the 2 September 2012, it has been organised by the curator Kevin Muhlen and accompanied by the publication F.E.A.K. – Foundation for Exhibiting Art and Knowledge.


Edited by Matilde Casaglia 
Artworks by Wesley Meuris – http://www.wesleymeuris.be

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