Yakamoto Kotzuga presents his first Ep

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Yakamoto Kotzuga is the first solo project by Giacomo Mazzucato, class ’94, a young producer from Venice, Italy. He started his musical career playing guitar and bass at the age of 14 with some local bands , at 16 he begins to take the first steps in electronic music Until now he has released his debut EP “rooms of emptiness” via Bad Panda Records, consisting of 4 tracks. He is currently working on a new ep and preparing his live set that will be performed with a live drummer.

Rooms Of Emptiness, the debut ep of Yakamoto Kotzuga, is a mental journey, a quick sketch of a life described from the inside. Four tracks for a total of 16:50 minutes of relaxing emotionalism articulated by a Tr-808 and warm guitars, mysterious voices and distant synth that describe the state of mind of the nineteen years old producer .
The EP begins with “The Snake Around My Neck” a soft and long crescendo that slowly flows into an absolute tranquility. “Hiren” (it means “sad love” in Japanese) is made of gentle waves that lull you through the chords and voices in a bittersweet resignation. “Waldeinsamkeit” starts with a prelude by Rachmaninoff and grows rhythmically with a club-oriented kick drum. The last track, “Wet Dreams” has a fascinating rhythmic base, softened by gentle chords and dreamy voices.
Among the reflections and shadows of these beats is easy to recognize the influences of artists such as XXYYXX, Dream Koala and Nosaj Thing.



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