Paper. Saatchi Gallery – London


A new exhibition, titled Paper, opened at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and will last until the 29th September 2013. Interestingly based on one medium which is becoming less and less a part of every day life these days. We are encouraging an increasingly ‘paperless’ society, and we try to avoid printing at any cost to save the planet, even if it is probably too late anyway. Printed magazines are in decline, not to talk about hand written love letters and even paper money is steadily diminishing with online banking and credit cards.

Nonetheless the medium of paper has opened up a vast array of artistic routes for each of the artists featured in this exhibition.
It might be that the days of handwriting are by far gone, but paper remains the most fascinating ancient material, rich and versatile, and in this exhibition it comes back to life to remind us all that beauty can be found in simplicity.


Paper includes the artworks of 44 international artists, stretching the usage of paper across a range of different techniques: from simple drawing, to collage, sculpture, painting and incredible installations.
The interesting results are there to witness that even a recyclable material can create something that can last forever.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 17.21.36

In Paper at the Saatchi Gallery, the attempt to put paper back in its ancient noble role brings a sense of nostalgic melancholy that only the finest art is capable of.

Text by Matilde Casaglia

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