Sex and Coffee: a new work by Ruslan Lobanov

Continue a tradition. ”Sex and Coffee” is a new limited edition calendar by Ruslan Lobanov.



The 2017 calendar by Ruslan Lobanov, titled «Sex and Coffee», featuring the most pleasant things in the World: coffee and sex. It goes without saying that they are interrelated. A new calendar represents 13 black and white stories in the cinematic form. For the 2017 edition, the shots were taken in France, Italy, Greece and Ukraine. Ruslan said, «Publishing Calendar is my gift and message for all art lovers». Every copy signed  by the artist and hand-numbered. Very limited edition: 100 copies.

In addition to the Calendar Ruslan released his personal photo books: “WORKS” (2014), “Nudes in the City” (2015) and “Not Black and White Cinema” (2016). “Lobanov’s album is just strikingly brilliant. Full point“, said Janusz Leon Wisniewski, a reviewer of “Nudes in the city” book. In order to compile these albums Ruslan travelled around the cities from Cuba to France. Each city poses its own sensuality through Ruslan’s photos.

Ruslan draws his inspiration from cinema and fashion, producing erotic shots in which the bodies of sensual women are brazenly flaunted under his sharp eye. The women thus represent a certain kind of feminine freedom by disrupting established codes. All characters in his works are mostly actress, not models. They have something more than great bodies, they have souls and desire. Ruslan’s task is to prove that undressed women isn’t a center of attention, sometimes viewers don’t notice naked body at all. Nakedness in his works is a tool of beauty realization, like an expensive accessory.

There is no doubt that all works by Ruslan Lobanov will involve readers to a lush vision of womanhood – reckless, unafraid and remorseless. Passion for the details with the personal attitude for the heroes, elegant atmosphere whenever the story was shot, all this, is a base for Ruslan’s images.

About the author
Ruslan Lobabov is an Ukrainian Photographer. He specialized in portraiture and female nudes shootings. Ruslan has been published by Playboy, EGO, FOTO, L’Officiel,, Blur, Normal and other influential magazines. His works were established in Galleries of Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Hamburg), Ukraine (Kyiv), and Switzerland (Zurich).

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