Positive Magazine is at its third printed issue. It’s always a new challenge for us, a new adventure, as for every paper edition.

This time you’ll find more interviews than previously. We chose to leave room to the words of our protagonists and to their stories. Finding them is always a tough and delicate job, especially for a totally independent magazine.

This issue offers a journey across the new talents of cinema, the actors that will be famous tomorrow, but have shown to be worthy of attention today. It is impossible not to mention another journey, the one we made across the United States during the electoral period, that fundamental moment of democracy, which with the Trump’s win led us to a quite uncertain season.

However, we’re always craving for hope and for someone who can show us the way. Take Bebe Vio and Chris Mears: in spite of all the hardship, they managed to reach the top step of the podium at Rio 2016.

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