Are you ready to watch a new and really ***** funny video? What are you waiting for?

For our Positive TV we are proposing today to you a fresh content that for sure is going to make you laugh, but also to spend some time to enjoy some beautiful songs!

But before starting watching, why don’t you get a Cadbury milk bar? But you have to be quick to buy one, as your shop might have sold it already! Every second there are more than 13 bars bought around the world! In UK for example is a best seller product.

So, did you get your bar? Are you on your couch already? It’s time to watch then 7 ways to free the joy! The video is featured by the popular youtuber Anthony Vincent (he’s really a great guy) who took the “Yes, sir, i can boogie”, one of the super hits of the magic ’77 created by the spanish duo Baccara and composed by the spanish flamenco dancers Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola.

7 songs, for 7 days, for 7 flavours! If fact Cadbury is not just one flavour bar, but is a choccolate for everyone: choose your best flavour!

What’s your music day look like?

If you feel you enjoy Baccara, then it’s time for a classic Cadbury Milk bar. Did you just enjoy a great day, full of energy and you are ready to rock?

Then it’s time for a Cadbury+oreo mlikbar, and in your headphones be sure that you are listening something like the Guns n’ Roses!

Bruno Mars is your idol? No worries then, there is a flavour-bar ready for you, just get a fruit&nut one to get some more extra energy and get ready for the urban jungle.

If your girlfriend is asking you tonight to watch the amazing movie “Walk the Line”, about the legendary Johnny Cash, then the right bar for you is a Cadbury Whole nut, but just don’t forget to buy only one, as “Walk the line”, needs more than one!

Are you into more flavours&songs? Check the video and pick your best!

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(This post has been sponsored by Cadbury, but all thoughts are our own)

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