Alibellus+ by Titi Kwan AW13/14

Edited By Angel Leung- Editor from UK

Titi Kwan was born in Hong Kong and moved to Paris in 1990’s. His passion for fashion design began in his childhood where his father was a well- respected tailor. From continents to continents, young  Titi Kwan experienced two different cultures which have shown in his present design. At the beginning of the young designer, Titi Kwan continued to acquire and refine his skills by entering the well-known Studio Berçot where he met Marie Rucky. Marie Rucky is the one guided him through his studies and also inspired him the belief of ‘You can always do otherwise’. Later on, Titi Kwan met Faye Wong by fate which embraced his creative unique stages outfits and has collaborated with many important brands in Europe.

Alibellus is owned by Titi Kwan and it is his own little way to show his passion towards the beauty and creativity while crossing over the Eastern and Western cultures together into one beautiful and edgy collections. This collection is very dark and used a lot of leather and shiny materials which give an edgy and a rock and roll feeling towards this collection. Very stylish, wearable and suitable for work and going out at night. For further details, visit +CRISTOFOLIPRESS 

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