Blacklash AW13/14

Edited By Angel Leung- Editor from UK

Isamu Katayama was born in Hiroshima, Japan. Isamu started his own label Blacklash in 1998 and Flagship store opens in Daukanyama district, Tokyo in 2003. Later on in 2005, Blacklash calling opens in Osaka, Paris and Milan. The following years, more Blacklash stores opens and in 2008 the ladies line of Blacklash was launched – Blacklash Ballet. In 2009, there was a Japanese movie ‘Koichi Makino’ (“Isamu Katayama: Artisanal Life”)which is entitled to Isamu Katamaya and his passion for leather.   During his design career, Isama has constantly researching and discovering new possibility for leather to create his super creative garments and accessories. Isama has some talented skills which he uses the craftman skills to treat each of his garment and resulting a very unique piece. For further details, you can visit +CRISTOFOLIPRESS

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