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Thomas Lohr was born in the south of Germany in the early 80’s. After 5 years of studying in Berlin
he moved to New York in 2005. Currently he divides his time between London and New York.
He contibutes to magazines such as GQ, Tush, Nylon, Bon, V-Man , Dazed Digital, Contributing Editor and Man About Town amongst others. His work captures the truth in what can be considered the most vague youth movemnt to date, while his understanding of his subjects allows one to feel like they are on the inside looking in.


Can you tell something about you?
My name is Thomas, I was born in Germany in the early 80s I am a photographer.
I just quit smoking, I am in the process of leaving New York for London, and above all taking pictures is my life.


How and when did you start to take photos?
Actually quite late… I think I bought my 1st camera when I was 21. I was living in Berlin already and had nothing else to do than working in a bar and spending my nights in clubs. I needed something to do during the day and taking pictures sounded like fun.


Where your inspiration comes from and what experiences and photographers have influenced the way you work?
My inspiration comes from the youth culture and underground movements. I used to break dance and skate quite a lot and moved from city to city to meet more and interesting people. There are of course some photographers I really like but I try not to allow them to over influence my work(which is some times quite difficult) once you see a beautiful image is hard to get it out of your head. I tend to get more influence from life than art if that makes sense?


How much of your life there is behind your photos?
All of it, even the aspects of my life that have nothing to do with taken pictures make their way in. Love, loss, anguish, the future, the past.


What relationship do you have with your subject when you take a photo?
I like the very clichés saying “a camera never lies” its actually quite astute, So I do my best to get to know my subjects, to fall in love in some way or another, whether it be a platonic or romantic it’s that connection that camera thrives on.


Can you tell us something about your portraits, what’s is important to focus for you?
The people I shoot are all doing something or are something that is or has an aspect of uniqueness. The art of a portrait is to capture them as the individual they are. Its interesting as some people just give this away in a picture and others, even though its there you have to manipulate it out of them.


What does it mean for you “fashion”?
This question really has no answer.


What do you think about street photography?
Everyone with Facebook seems to be a street photographer, no?


Can you suggest to the others photographers that wanted to start with fashion photography some tips?
Work hard and have fun doing it.


Do you think that with fashion a photographer can still work with film or digital photography it’s becoming a must?
I think you have to find your own way, if that means film, digital or a pin hole camera, just take beautiful pictures.


What about your future works, do you have a special project?
I would tell you but I’d have to shoot you.





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