Angela Flowers at 80

More than 40 years ago, Angela Flowers established her first art gallery in an attic space in central London. Flowers Gallery is now based in Shoreditch and Mayfair. And in Chelsea, New York.
The exhibition Angela Flowers at 80 aims to celebrate Angela Flowers’ 80th birthday, and is hosted in Shoreditch, to be precise 82 Kingsland Road, London. It features a survey of a selection of artists associated with the gallery from its inception to the present.


The works displayed include different formats: photography, installation, illustration, painting, video and sculpture. Among them are photographers Nadav Kander and Edward Burtynsky, pop artist Richard Smith, sculptors Phillip King, Michael Sandle and Nicola Hicks, painters Ken Currie and John Loker, and mixed media artist Tom Phillips.

Prospect 1966-2006


“Angela Flowers at 80 is both a nod to a colourful past and a demonstration that, after more than 40 years, Flowers continues to support and nurture artists with unwavering passion and commitment,” said Angela Flowers.

Her Influence on Political Life in Russia was Totally Insignificant. 2012,
John Keane

Text by Matilde Casaglia

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