Beguile the Night, beyond drawing.

Edited by: Online Editor – Art and Culture Department 

Open until Sunday 19th October Beguile the Night, beyond drawing is a drawing exhibition taking place at Dark Matter Studio in London (open daily – 10 – 6pm, free). Five up-and-coming artists got together for this interesting joint venture: Gary Colclough, Zoe Dorelli, Patrick Jackson, Marianne Walker, Mary Yacoob.

The artists had the idea for this project organically, inspired by a series of conversations around the paradigms within each individuals practice.

The title of the exhibition wants to draw attention to the fascinating experience of working at night, in the loneliness and silence where the artists are left to think about recurrent motifs within their individual practices – what do they return to again and again in the studio.

Back to the tradition you will find something unreal in realistic interpretations, you’ll explore the relationship between drawing and sculpture, witness the encounter between medieval alchemical diagrams and the contemporary knowledge of particle physics and the Big Bang, and admire fantasy architectural inventions. Not to be missed.

Homer, ‘Each man delights in the work that suits him best’
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