BERLIN EVENTS: Bohemian Betyars @ Kaffee Burger

Event: Performance (Month of Performance Art)
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

Six crazy guys, full of energy. came from Hungary to play at Kaffee Burger the 13th of May in Berlin. With Levente Szücs playing the guitar and vocals, Máté Palágyi (the craziest of all) at the Violin and vocals, Krisztián Muhari with his beloved trompet, Máté Mihályfi at the electric guitar, Gábor Fehér with the bass and to close the line-up of Bohemian Betyars, Kristóf Fellegi at the drums.

A mixture of balkanic-ska-punk music surrounded the crowd of Kaffee Burger, bringing a huge quantity of jumps over the dance floor that it felt like an earthquake. In the middle of the jumping-spree, a spectator came into the stage and with his irish guitar joined them!

Each one of the assistants enjoyed the sounds, the connection with the artists and prove of that was that at the end of the concert they had to play three more songs in order to satisfy their hunger of craziness.



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