BERLIN EVENTS: DRAYTON´S FARMYARD NOIZE – Bob's Birthday Bash & Special Butoh Dance Performance

Event: Concert
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

The past Wednesday, 15th of May, took place at Drayton Bar in Berlin the birthday of one of the most versatile artists of the Berlin’s history. Mister Robert Rutman, more known as Bob, sharing the stage with some of his friends, celebrated his 82th Birthday.


In a concert where the improvisation conquered the night, executed by Nico Lippolis at the drums, percussion and vocals; Conny Bauer with the trombone; Roger Döring at the sax and electronics; Christoff Hahn with the slide guitar; Edu Delgado at the bass and of course Bob with his bow chime, toys and his own voice. Everything perfectly assembled with a Butoh Dance Performance leaded by the japanese Mushimaru Fujieda.

At 23 o’clock, Bob took his violin’s bow, brushing it against the bow chime, and started to play alone an harmonic melody while Mushimaru was moving inspirated by Bob’s creation. A few compasses later, the rest of his friends joined them starting the improvisation.

The stage was composed by two confronted stages, in the middle took place the performance and the public went around in a circle. Some of them even dared to interact with the artists.

After the break, Bob did what all the people were waiting for: took his toys, played them and finished singing his mythical Mr.Murphy.

An awesome birthday for Bob, who really enjoyed it together with his friends and his beloved public.

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________________________________ Event: Performance, Experiment Where: Berlin

Mathematical Art

Mathematical Art

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