Borderland is an ongoing project deeply rooted in my personal history. The images comprise my obsession with the boundaries between reality and imaginary, present experience and memory, isolation and belonging. I use both fiction and nonfiction as themes in my work to rebuild my self-awareness by trying to represent a version of homeland, as well as finding comfort through reconnection to the past. In this sense, Borderland is an intimate work of remembrance, tenderness and self-consolation.

Jiehao Su was born in 1988 and raised in Southern China. He travelled extensively in China before he studied photography at Beijing Film Academy. His work is deeply rooted in his personal history. In between reality and imagination, he mainly deals with the notions of memory, identity and belonging. His work has been widely exhibited, including The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins), CENTER (Santa Fe), Actual Size LA (Los Angeles), Lishui Photo Festival (Lishui). His work have been featured in numerous publications such as Lenscratch, Droste Effect Magazine, Landscape Stories Blog, Aura Magazine. Currently He lives in Beijing.











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