Casey Morton

Photos and Text by Erin Lefèvre

When I first entered the world of documentary photography in January 2014, I wanted to make portraits of female boxers around the San Francisco Bay Area. The first woman I photographed for this project was Casey Morton at World Class Boxing Gym.

Casey’s positive attitude and her complete and utter devotion to succeeding in the world of boxing has made her a one-of-a kind female fighter, and the focus of my series. Growing up as an at-risk teen in Hawaii, Casey managed to flee from her destructive environment and make her dream of becoming a professional female boxer a reality. For the past nine months leading up to her winning pro debut, Casey has allowed me to photograph her journey to becoming a professional female boxer in a male dominated sport. Despite facing numerous financial struggles, sexism within the industry, and maintaining a positive lifestyle, Casey has managed to prove she is a champion both inside and outside the ring.

Erin Lefèvre is a freelance documentary/reportage and portrait photographer currently living in San Francisco, California. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she received her AAS in Photography. Erin is currently in her final year at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she will earn her BFA in Photography in 2015. After taking a Documentary Photography class with Darcy Padilla, Erin fell in love with that genre of photography and has focused on making documentary/reportage imagery. Erin’s work highlights issues of a social/political nature that are often overlooked by society.


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