Urbanscapes perceptions

Photos and text by Matteo A. Rapella

My project is about how the urban-scapes have affected my mood during an year spent in Sydney; buildings, streets and humans were the subjects i’ve mostly focused on. The pics were either taken in CBD and suburbs too, following the signs of an exotic and savage nature. By wandering around, i perceived a vivid and raw materiality made of leaves and dyes, wild skyscrapers and nightlights. Surrounded by an unpredictable citylife, people are sometimes struggled in their emotions and distracted from reality. As time went by, I got used of shooting in a Black&white state of mind. This style has soon became the perfect mean to express two sides of reality: the solid and textured existence opposed to the alienation of human being.

Matteo A. Rapella is a 25 year-old italian photographer from Milan. During the last 5 years he has collaborated as graphic-designer with a tattoo studio, then graduated in Philosophy, which has later influenced his photographic works. In 2013 Matteo has moved to Sydney where he lived and worked in different environments. This experience was mainly inspiring for observing the aesthetic melting-pot between Asian and Western culture. After coming back in Italy he started to attend a photography school with purpose of developing his studio skills. He’s now planning a photographic project about South Korean society.







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