“Hibiscus” was shot during my first trip to China, which is of particular significance to me; despite being born and raised in Singapore, I am of Chinese ancestry.

In Singapore, English is the national language, dialects are banned from mainstream media, and like most Singaporean youths, I grew up largely consuming Western media. Much of China’s cultures and customs are foreign to me, and over the course of two months, I found myself constantly challenged by the tensions formed between my identity and ethnicity.

During this time, I captured moments which resonated with me, unconsciously constructing a narrative of the city. In doing so, I began to discover a Chinese experience that grew increasingly personal –– either through visual motifs or metaphors.

About the author:
Shane Lim is a filmmaker and photographer from Singapore. In 2014, his debut short film, “november”, premiered at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival. It has since won several awards, and has screened at film festivals worldwide.


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