Chemical Nature by Erica Fava

Photos by Erica Fava
Edited by Max Hailwood, fashion editor UK for POSI+TIVE Magazine

Chemical Nature
Photographer: Erica Fava
Model: Deborah Parcesepe
Make up: Silvia Gerzeli
Stylist: Aurora Potenti

Intuition for good photography seems to have been applied liberally to Fava. Looking through her editorial of previous work, it is hard to understand why she hasn’t been spotted by some of the big names in the industry, and her technique and skill utilised in a mass market. She is well published, featured in Elle, Crumb magazine, Slang magazine and Italian ID. Up and coming is bandied about far too frequently in today’s amateur blogs and hastily forced together publications. In the end though if you want to watch a star ascend start looking for this young woman’s work.

Artist’s comments on her work: ‘An editorial shot in Rosignano Solvay, one of the most contaminated beaches in Italy. Though everybody knows this situation, people keep on swimming in that poisoned sea: everyone is fascinated by the white sand and the Caribbean water.’

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