My bodies my rules: Destiny Eames


Her work often features women as the focal point and uses a combination of flat, geometric shapes and repetitive lines. These elements create a dynamic space and serve to create a path for the viewer’s eyes to follow.

These four specific works are from a six-part series titled “FemmePop.” The series focuses on current feminist issues through a subtle approach. Like most of her work this series features the female figure in a graphic style. Each piece in this series utilizes vibrant colors to create a fun mood. At the same time, each work includes a feminist message, making the purpose of that individual work and the series as a whole straightforward. These messages include; “by body, my rules,” “strong, feminist, immigrant,” “#metoo,” black. no sugar, no cream,” “not gay for your fetish,” and “the future is accessible.” You can see Each work in the series features a female figure as the focal point. Each figure is made up of solid, flat shapes, which gives it the “pop-art” look. Behind each figure is an arranged flower pattern, which further unifies each piece of the series.

This series aims to support a broad group of women of minority groups such as, women of the LGBTQ+ community, women with disabilities, and immigrant women. Destiny’s goal for this series is to get it seen by as many people as possible in hopes of spreading awareness and support. She believes that right now is a sensitive time in America, which is why she feels this is relevant and so important for the public to be aware of.

About the author:
Destiny Eames was born in 1995. She lives and attends university in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been published in Rune and The Critical Point, receiving honorable mentions for her pieces “Body” and “In Limbo.”

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