Diamond Mine by Florent Roussel

Photos by Florent Roussel

Florent Roussel is thirty year old and lives in Paris, France. He likes to walk around with his film cameras (sometimes defective ones). He enjoys to collect and grab moments, moods and atmospheres.
He likes to give free rein to imperfections and accidents when taking photos. He loves traveling and attempting to recreate sensations and feelings without trying to control everything.

I spent 2 months in Borneo on summer 2010. I travelled with an old FED3 film camera. During my trip, I went to a diamond mine near Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan). There’ s a lot of mines in this area. Most of the people lives thanks to the mine.
Pit workers works all day long, even if most of time the temperature is close to 35°. They all hope to find “the big one”, but most of them don’t earn enough and have to borrow money to live. Close to the mine, «the diamond center» buys the stones in order to sell them abroad, after carving and polishing.

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