Silvia Mangosio was born in Italy, in 1988. She studied photography and anthropology in Turin, then she joined a master class at Fondazione Fotografia in Modena, where developed a project titled “Memoriamatic”, that won the second price of the Premio “Cassa di Risparmio”. She took part to several collective exhibitions. Now she’s working in Turin while continuing to follow her artistic research.

The “Dumbiedykes” project started in Edinburgh during a residency in 2012, and has the aim of investigate the relationship between humans and their environment, both in a physical and intellectual way. Her artistic research is based on the use of analogue process. She uses the darkroom practice as a personal ritual in which she can explore all the possibilities of her photographic work: in this context, she based recent works on the idea of investigating the anthropological connections between ego and society and their own interconnection with the space and the environment. She’s mostly attracted by the contrasts between the rocky but delicate nature on the background and the concrete buildings of this neighborhood close to the center of the city.











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