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Born in South Korea in 1980, Eric Perriard was adopted at the age of six and raised in France. After graduating in Engineering and working for a multinational, he quit his job to become a freelance photographer in 2006. Emotions, instinct and reality are key components in his photography. However, his work never depicts spectacular scenes, but rather still tableaux in which he can transfer his interrogations to the audience. He is in search of a generic and simplified vision of a human being, which is merely an entity, but filled with sensations and the unknown parts of themselves. Eric Perriard’s work has been awarded by the French Ministry of Youth, exhibited and published internationally (recent shows in 2009: National Gallery of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur – Museum of Photography Metenkov House in Yekaterinburg, Russia – Solo show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Orleans, France – Solo show at the Galerie Municipale du Rutebeuf in Clichy – France). He now lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Urban souls #1

Urban souls #3

Urban souls #4

Urban souls #5

Urban souls #6

Urban souls #7

Urban souls #8

Urban souls #9

Urban souls #10

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