East Coasters

Photography: Christopher Dowell

Positive Magazine is presenting today a new photography story: “East Coasters”.

In this story you can see black and white photos showing the life of surfers in different places, shot by Christopher Dowell. The author of this serie is a young artist from Chicago who is now studying photography at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia.

Once he moved to the Georgia coast he has been obsessed with the small but passionate surf community. After spending time and creating art with students from the North East and South America who have spent their lives in the ocean, he himself learned to use the ocean as source of inspiration for all artistic endeavors.

Among with the story, we have also a poem that the author wanted to include:

Don’t ask for Yesterday.

Running to the sun as it returns from its never ending journey
We pack the truck
Fill the tank
And pick up the gas station coffee.
Sleep dose not leave our eyes until the sun pulls them open
We shift through reports doing our best to make them sound better than they are
Heading south
Rolling down a steam rolled artery of a once wild land
Pinning for the power not yet tamed by man
We look over this watery desert with a jungle of life beneath its enticing blue
And know that Poseidon has no mercy for the souls of men
Remember what the rest have forgotten
Gods carved this land for all life
Not for man to rule
The Ocean
With relentless repetition send waves to its loving shores

They are not for us.
They are not for anyone
They just are.

When the day is done
With salt in your eyes and sand in your hair

Do not wish for the day to start again
Be willing
Today will soon be yesterday

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