Lomo relased a new product: the Spinner Camera.



Spinning away with a mechanic masterpiece like the Spinner 360°, offers a whole new perspective on space, time and human perception when exploring the unlimited creative possibilities and techniques. To tickle your creativity a little bit, we developed ten unique shooting styles for the Spinner 360° that will open up a never seen before view. Why not explore the world while doing the “Rollercoaster”? Instead of holding the camera on a horizontal level it is held aslant. As the camera rotates in one full circle it produces images in wavelike perspectives and the whole world magically transforms from a flat surface into a rollercoaster of forms and figures. How about rethinking our conception of time and space while doing the “Timescan”? Or going upside down with the “Footloose” style? Even the long tradition of self-portraits will be revived through the “Hipshot”, scanning your body from the hip. There are at least ten possible styles to spin the Spinner 360° and a whole lot are waiting to be discovered, so start spinning!


Film Type: 135 roll film
• Lens: 25mm
• Horizonal View Angles: 360°
• Vertical View Angles: 66°
• Focusing: fixed focus,1m~inf.
• Shots per roll: around 8 shots (on a standard 36 exposure roll)
• Aperture: f/8, f/16


Spinner 360° panoramic camera
• Lens cap
• Additional rubber ring
• Instruction Manual
• Shooting technique cards
• Panoramic poster





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