This series of photos wants to show faces, corners, and moments of this huge and fascinating multicural city, crossroads between east and west.
Chaotic, intense, with a strong religious aura, istanbul drags you and leaves you wondering its streets in exctasy.
It’s a city that you can represent in many ways without a clear vision but certainly defined by a music background: the sound of the Muezzin.
Many people have tried to tell this city in music, captured by its magic.
We have chosen to quote “ The Breeders” with their vision of Istanbul which accompanies in a best way our images.

Where you goin ?
To the city !
Where you goin ?
To the city !
Where you goin ?
Istanbul !

Is it in the east ?
You’ve gone too far

Boys it’s over there
Not that far
It’s here
It’s where you are

Simona Belotti and Brando Giannoni have more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual domain.  They both studied communication and photography.Roma, Milano, Barcellona, Paris, Sydney are some of the cities where they have been seen. Their work is a visual universe which give you adrenalina, feeling, sense of aesthetic and passion for storytelling. Music is their muse and the travel is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Together they create projects that combines photography and video, two worlds that for too long have been kept apart.
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