Ceteris Paribus by Lorenzo Palombini


We have always felt the need to compare our present sense of aesthetics to the classical one. Possibly out of insecurity or anxiety towards the present, as it is often easier to hold onto our past’s grandeur. 

Every day hundreds of thousands of people walk the streets of Rome, (facing the town) in a stereotypical and superficial fashion. A small part of the Roman artistic wealth is constantly under siege, while a huge portion is completely unbeknown to most. 

For more than a year I have gone through the streets of the old centre of Rome, following the itineraries of tourists and Romans alike, stopping where they would walk on and observing what they were taking for granted. 

Going where an intimacy still lingers, where the ancient sense of beauty seems still unaltered, bringing to light what is accessible to everybody, yet interests few. 

“Ceteris paribus” is a corpus of images based on duality: an image glorifies the [its] past, while another underlies its decadence. The distinction is not sharp and finding a line of demarcation is difficult. Reality and fiction are intertwined in a balance which shows all its fragility.

About the author:

From self discover this passion. Then I shall study at the Roman School of Photography and Officine Fotografiche to improve my skill. Previously my interests were tied to a different kind, in fact, I graduated in Aerospace Engineering. I’ve worked as assistant for the artist Silvia Camporesi until August 2018.

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