It was a great pleasure to receive news from one of  photographers  published by us already, the Portuguese Tito Mouraz, (which we have already spoken here), Only that now, he has launched the book  “Open Space Office”.


The photos were shot in Portugal over a 3-year period and represent a transformed landscape that portrays the existence of Man as a constructive, reconstructive and contemplative being. The landscape appears completely and irreversibly transformed and it was this transformation that caught his eye and fueled his interest in conducting this project, basing it on this very landscape.

Thus, the work presented aims to portray a reality that suffers an ongoing daily process of rapid transformation. Therefore, the pictures show a temporary reality inserted in a natural landscape undergoing progressive transmutation. They are unique and imposing spaces with a undeniable visual impact which bestow on the images a strong formal and plastic content.


Open Space Office book and is now possible to buy on Tito Mouraz website and in bookshops.

The edition comes in two versions, Special and Normal edition.
You can see the video of normal edition here:

Tito Mouraz website 








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About the Author

Odeta Catană, born in Romania, has studied a range of disciplines: History and Theory of Arts, Cultural Anthropology and Documentary Photography at University of South Wales, Newport. She is a freelance photographer, currently lives in Berlin and she collaborates, since 2013, with POSI+TIVE magazine as photo editor.

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