One day-from the morning to the evening spent with a girl next door.  Free soul free spirit, total freedom in four walls and in the garden.

[dropcap type=”1″]N[/dropcap]obody looking, nobody hires. She tries to connect with the world. Not everything what we want to show must have the reason, sometimes only just because we feel like that some one want to see. Model Cara J she decides to have a portrait like nobody yet capture of her, without makeup, when she doing yoga, or take walk in her garden. So we decided to try to show her how she spent free time in day light and without any unnecessary accessories.

About the author:
Maja Diunar was born in 1981 in Poland. From past 10 years  She lives and works in Wales, Uk. She got her photography education from Collage in Llanelli, Photography Institute. She has been published by such as Creative Quarterly magazine, MilkRaven Magazine

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