Failed Dioramas

Louis De Belle was Born in Milano and he works and lives between Berlin and Weimar. His photographic works highlight the strangeness and plasticity of isolated motifs drawn from everyday scenes. He captures impressions for their inherent visual appeal, focusing on the different facets of oddity and unusualness. Louis is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts at the Bauhaus University.

Wunderkammer, literally “wonder chamber”, better known as “cabinet of curiosities”. This is where, since the 16th century, collectors and scientist used to display rarities and unusual artifacts, in order to amuse visitors and fellow workers.

Failed Dioramas is a photographic series from Louis De Belle which explores the idle interiors of a hidden apartment, in the center of Milano, where animal rarities and other atypical treasures have been stacked over time. It narrates and exposes an unusual atmosphere, which arises out of odd set-ups and bizzarre clusters of (apparently) misplaced collectors’ items.

As the italian photographer states: “It contained an overwhelming amount of archaeological gems. However, what impressed me was the vast amount of items which were not yet neatly arranged. These rarities were lying all around, accidentally combined with ordinary objects. It looked like an unprepared exhibition, yet a visually eloquent one. And as such, it deserved to be revealed”.



















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These photographs have been taken between the 2010 and 2014 in Saint-Petersburg,

A portrait of Eyal.

A portrait of Eyal.

Model: Eyal Harel (Wilhelmina Models) Enrique Avilés is a traveler and also a

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