Founded in 2009, Northskull is a men’s jewellery and accessories brand based in London with a focus on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish element to the attire of the modern man.

Throughout the years, Northskull has always been true and faithful to its core DNA, designing technically innovative pieces that add an extra dimension to men’s jewellery and accessories from season to season.

The “Untitled” collection name is derived by the notion of starting point or a foundation to build upon where there is an opportunity to tell a fascinating story tough truly stylish and wearable accessory that convey a message of hope. This collection of men’s jewellery and accessories echo the attitude and midset of engaged communities to affect change for the better in a ever- involving world.

Personally i’m very interested in brands like this, because all the things were done with care to the details. For me that I’m italian this brand represent a lot the london’ s thought and style. Starting from the photos of the last collection i understand that this brand was born in london for londoners but over time it has received more and more attention from abroad.

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