Free your skin: #readytoduel (Sponsored Video)

How is important to be accurate in your life? You should take care of that, as sometime if you are not into precision there might be problems. Precision is also about to train yourself for it, as it’s suggesting the tradition of Wilkinson Sword.

In its DNA, since 1772 Wilkinson started as sword manufacturer for the glorious British Army and then thanks to the perfection of the blade they created they started building razors: and it’s a success that goes through centuries and still today when you name a razor, how you can’t connect that word to Wilkinson?

wilkinson 1 copy

But Wilkinson means perfection as a sword can’t fail when you are on the stage and you are ready to duel: that’s why we are presenting this very intense, funny, sexy video to prove that with a Wilkinson razors, for men and women you are not going to fail to have a perfect skin, that’s a must for men and women of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Wilkinson 3 copy

What are you waiting for then, are you ready to fight? Are you ready to prove yourself that your sword, if you know how to use it is the perfect element you have been looking for to get a perfect skin? Try your new Wilkinson and once you got one, you will never use another razors.

#readytoduel now.

Wilkinson 2 copy

This post has been sponsored by Wilkinson Sword, but all thoughts are our own.


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