Photo: Kristina Syrchikova

This project is about an elderly woman from Russia affected by cancer. For several years she had been struggling her disease. She received treatment in hospitals, got several courses of chemotherapy, went to church, visited witchdoctors, used folk cures. She tried everything and believed in her recovery.

But then came the moment when she gave up stopped believing. She sewed herself a funeral dress. Doctors were giving up on her more and more often, redirecting her from one hospital to another. Most of them told her it was all because of senility, ignoring the fact that some symptoms revealed a week or a month ago. Doctors also refused to heal the woman, when they discovered her having cancer, refused to see her with various excuses for that. She visited plenty of hospitals, almost lived in them, noone wanted to help her. She was discharged from the hospital and died two hours ago at home, surrounded by relatives.

About the author:
Kristina Syrchikova is a member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2012.
Education: FotoDepartament Institute — documentary photography (2014-2015), Academy for Photography in Samara (2010-2014). Awardee of Young photographers of Russia (2013, 2014). Medal winner of Youth Delphic Games Russia (2011-2015). Grand Prix of photo contest “Youth of Russia-2012“. 2 place of Efremov Report Photography Competition (federal reportage nomination). Grand Prix of photo contest “Youth of Russia-2012“.
Participant of more than thirty group exhibitions, including: “Photomania-2015” (Russia), ”Young man in the 21st century ” (Lithuania, 2015), “Young photographers of Russia” (Lithuania, 2013). Also the author has held three personal exhibitions in Russia.

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