A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor, with a typical history of a region that is an industrial capital which blossomed in the time of state socialism and lost that position after 1989.

Such places evolve in a very special way. With advancements in technology and funds from the European Union, the look of both the city and the people has been changing. But still, both remain a medley of the past they come from and the effects of modernization, influenced by the local mentality. A halfway state, in between present and past, between east and west, between here and now.  “Halfway” has been published as a book by the Instytut Kultury Wizualnej in Warsaw.

About the author:
Patrick Karbowski was Born in 1989. Graduated from the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź (M.A. in Photography at the Film and TV Direction Department). His works have been awarded many times (e.g. finalist of the Magnum Expression Award, Photolucida Critical Mass, Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship and New York Photo Festival) and exhibited at various festivals in Poland and abroad (Fotofestiwal in Łódź, Encontros da Imagem Braga, Kolga Tbilisi Photo). Currently he also  works as a lecturer at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

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